Microsoft Surface Authorised Service Center in Delhi Nehru Place India Noida Gurugram Faridabad

Microsoft Surface Authorised Service Center & Customer (Walk-in Centres) Nehru Place, Delhi NCR India. Get your Surface devices repaired by Microsoft Authorised Service Provider / Reseller Stores who offer services like Surface Hardware Replacement, cracked screen, battery, Power Adaptor / Charger, OS Re-Installation, and physical damage replacements for Surface Pro 7, Laptop 3, Surface Pro X and Surface Go, if your device is in warranty or out of warranty you can visit any Authorised Reseller and Service Provider listed below.

Microsoft Surface Authorised Service Centers List

S.No.Name of Authorised PartnerAddressContact NumberAuthorisation Verification Link
Mob: 011-40450999
Mob: 011-26204281

Microsoft Surface Authorised Service Center, Office Timing: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday (national holidays and other exceptions may apply.

  • Surface Touch Screen LCD Replacement
  • Charging Port Issue
  • Liquid Damage
  • Surface Battery Faulty
  • Surface Not Turning On
  • Surface Speaker Issue
  • Surface Power Button Faulty


What is the warranty on my replacement Surface after service is complete?

The post-service warranty is 90 days or the remainder of the warranty, whichever is greater. If your device was outside of the Limited Warranty, you’ll get a 90 day service warranty.

Microsoft Surface Authorised Service Center in delhi

Surface Price List

Surface Pro X Price List

S.No.Item DescriptionPart CodeMRP
1MS SURFACE Pro X E/8GB RAM /128 SSD  LTE 4G SIM SLOT -Black(NB)JQG-00026   1,06,490
2MS SURFACE Pro X E/8GB RAM /256 SSD LTE 4G SIM SLOT – Black (NB)KHL-00026   1,36,490
3MS SURFACE Pro X E/16GB RAM /256 SSD  LTE 4G SIM SLOT -Black(NB)QGM-00026   1,53,490
4MS SURFACE Pro X E/16GB RAM /512 SSD  LTE 4G SIM SLOT -Black(NB)QJY-00014   1,84,490
5MS SURFACE Pro X Signature (type cover)
Keyboard and Slim Pen Combo
QJV-00015       24,499


Surface Pro 7 Price List
S.No.Item DescriptionPart CodeMRP
1MS SURFACE PRO7 i3/4GB RAM /128GB SSDPVP-0001480,990.00
2MS SURFACE PRO7 i5/8/128PVQ-0001595,990.00
3MS SURFACE PRO7 i5/8/256 PlatinumPVR-00015126990
4MS SURFACE PRO7 i5/8/256  BlackPVR-00029126990
5MS SURFACE PRO7 i5/16/256PVS-00014143990
6MS SURFACE PRO7 i7/16/256 GB  PlatinumPVT-00014153490
7MS SURFACE PRO7 i7/16/256 GB  BlackPVT-00028153490
8MS SURFACE PRO7 i7/16/512 GB  PlatinumPVU-00014189990
9MS SURFACE PRO7 i7/16/512 GB  BlackPVU-00028189990
10MS SURFACE PRO7 i7/16/1TBPVV-00014227990
11MS Surface Keyboard
Spro Type Cover-Black
12MS Surface pro pen (N) SilverEYV-00013         8,399


Surface Book 2 Price List
S.No.Item DescriptionPart CodeMRP
1Bk2 13” i5-8350/8/256PGV-000221,44,590
2BOOK2 13IN I7/8GB/256GBHN6-000221,95,990
3BOOK2 13IN I7/16GB/512GBHNM-000222,33,990
4BOOK2 13IN I7/16GB/1TBHNQ-000222,72,490
5BOOK2 15IN I7/16GB/256GBHNS-000212,42,490
6BOOK2 15IN I7/16GB/512GBFVG-000212,81,990
7BOOK2 15IN I7/16GB/1TBFVJ-000213,21,990


Surface Laptop 3 Price List
S.No.Item DescriptionPart CodeMRP
13 Inch Display,  i5/8gb ram/128 ssd
Color: Platinum
2MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 13 Inch Display,  i5/8/256-BlackPKU-000421,36,490
3MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 13 Inch Display,  i5/8/256 -PlatinumPKU-000211,36,490
4MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 13 Inch Display,  i7/16/256 -BlackPLA-000421,64,990
5MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 13 Inch Display,  i7/16/256 -PlatinumPLA-000211,64,990
6MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 13 Inch Display,  i7/16/512 -BlackQXS-000421,99,490
7MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 13 Inch Display,  i7/16/512-PlatinumQXS-000211,99,490
8MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 15in i5/8/128 -PlatinumPLT-000211,24,990
9MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 15in i5/8/256 -BlackRDZ-000421,53,490
10MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 15in i5/8/256 -PlatinumRDZ-000211,53,490
11MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 15in i7/16/256 -BlackPLZ-000421,70,990
12MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 15in i7/16/256 -PlatinumPLZ-000211,70,990
13MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 15in i7/16/512 -BlackPMH-000422,08,490
14MICROSOFT SURFACE Laptop3 15in i7/16/512-PlatinumPMH-000212,08,490
15MICROSOFT SURFACELptp3 13 Inch Display,  i5/16/256 -PlatinumRYH-000211,53,490
16MICROSOFT SURFACELptp3 13 Inch Display,  i5/16/256-BlackRYH-000421,53,490
17MICROSOFT SURFACELptp3 15in i5/16/256-PlatinumVPN-000211,64,990
18MICROSOFT SURFACELptp3 15in i5/16/256-BlackVPN-000421,64,990


Microsoft Surface Go Price List
S.No.Item DescriptionPart CodeMRP
1Microsoft Surface Go Y/4/64JST-0001544,900
2Microsoft Surface Go Y/8/128JTS-0001558,400
3Microsoft Surface Go Y/4/64(EDU)LXK-0001540,250
4Microsoft Surface Go Y/8/128(EDU)LXL-0001553,900


Surface Accessories Price List
S.No.Item DescriptionPart CodeMRP
1Spro Signa typecover-CharcoalFFQ-0015514,799
2Spro Type Cover-BlackFMN-0001512,699
3MS Surface Go Sig TypeCove-PlatinumKCT-0001511,699
4MS Surface Go Type Cover-BlackKCN-000158,799
5MS Surface Go Type Cover-Black(N)KCN-000378,799
6MS Surface Go Sig TypeCover-Cobalt blueKCT-0003511,699
7MS Surface Go Sig TypeCover-BurgandyKCT-0005511,699
8MS Surface  Arc Mouse Light GrayFHD-000058,599
9MS Surface  Arc Mouse Commercial BlackFHD-000208,599
10Surface Mobile Mouse-PlatinumKGZ-000053,099
11Surface Mobile Mouse-BurgandyKGZ-000153,099
12Surface Mobile Mouse-Cobalt blueKGZ-000253,099
13Surface Mobile Mouse-BlackKGZ-000353,099
14Microsoft Surface Dock StationPF3-0001419,799
15Surface pro pen(N) SilverEYV-000138,399
16Surface pro pen(N) blackEYV-000058,399
17Surface Pro Pen TipGFV-000031,890
18Surface 65W Power SupplyQ5N-000158,699
19Surface 102W PwrSpplyADU-0001310,199
20MS Ethernet AdapterEJS-000075,699
21MS Mini DisplayPort to VGA AdapterEJQ-000025,699
22MS Mini DisplayPort to HDMI AdapterEJU-000025,699
23Book2 USB-C to VGA AdapterHFT-000054,699
24Book2 USB-C to HDMI AdapterHFP-000054,699
25MS Surface USB-CTOETHUSB3.0APCMJWM-000075,499
26Microsoft USB-C to Display adapterJWG-000074,499
27Microsoft USB-C to USB 3.0 AdaptorJTZ-000072,299
28MS Surface  ProX Sig KB/SlimPQJV-0001524,499
29MS Surface  ProX KeyboardQJX-0001512,699
30MS Surface  Slim PenLLM-0001113,299
31Surface DIAL2WS-000049,499

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